Is Beyonce Knowles Jeaolous of Kim Kardashian? kimberly kardashian VS Beyonce

Is it a constant war between the reality tv star Kimmy Kimberly Noel “Kim” Kardashian and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter? Is it a never ending competition between the superstars?

They seams to be having a war on Instagram, Music videos, Outfits, ASSes, Diamond rings and everything.

Not long a go Kim got engaged to hip hop rapper Kanye west, which gave her a fat flawless diamond ring. Which Kim kardashian posted on Instagram proudly.

In this post on insta she is proudly showing off her daimond rings, coping her idol Elizabeth Taylor .



Another post by Kim, Her little baby girl, daughter, North NORi West holding her massive rock. 20140129-141924.jpg


Then not so long after Queen B post a instagram pic Loaded with flawless diamonds.


Again, Kim Kardashian does a Sexy very lose music video with her fiancée Kanye west, almost like they are having sex on tape.


Then what does superstar singer Beyonce? A song/music video which name is Drunk in love with her husband Jay-z. Which is metamorphicly about her having wild sex with her husband jay z.

Also her whole album is her dancing and being very unusual vulgar, sexy and flashes almost everything she have. Beyonce have never done anything like this before. She has many new music video were she is stripping for jay z in thongs and g strings. We have never seen Beyonce this raw. Most of the lyric s in the album is about her sexing husband jay z and satisfying him like she is the mans gift from god and only jay z is allowed her (but  the whole world is allowed to watch apparently) . This is God’s gift to man. She wants the world to forget Kim kardashian.

Her ass is all over the place in her new music videos. We all know that Kim Kardashians ass is flawless and probably that only thing that made her. BUT Is Beyonces trying to prove something now? To show the world that her ass is all that and Kims ass is nothing compares to her?

Beyonce – Partition (Official Video) [HD 720p] by Henrietta-Aime-Fumer_Tv

Its something very fishy going on here, on instagram, music videos, children, diamond rings and asses. I think Beyonce was so happy and she was top of the world, but now when jay z best mate found his love in Kimmy, that has and still have sooooo much attention, that Beyonce is getting jealous and  competitive of the new member in the A group?

Pls comment and let me know your thoughts about this whole story :) very entertaining. haha


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